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Constructing the Deep Reading Brain 
Encouraging curiosity, building competency and growing confident citizens of tomorrow

Children of the Wardlaw School experience agency to become who they are meant to be, and it shows.  From their first day, each child is met by staff who strive to know, reach and teach them in the way they require to best learn. The curriculum is steeped in language - with rich vocabulary, hard questions that encourage critical thinking, observations that call forward empathy, and project outlines that challenge - and hone - executive functions.

The Wardlaw School is among 27 schools in the country for children with dyslexia recommended by preeminent researcher Dr. Sally Shaywitz in her book Overcoming Dyslexia, and Wardlaw teachers are recognized as experts in their fields. Through work with our Rollins Center, Wardlaw is setting the standard by co-authoring coursework for our online adult learning platform, Cox Campus, to develop dyslexia-specific content and make it available for every teacher, everywhere.

To construct the Deep Reading Brain is to expect and to teach more than reading proficiency. It is to teach children to question and to think critically about the world around them.  Having likely experienced elsewhere the frustration of learning differently, Wardlaw children are uniquely motivated to be important citizen contributors - longing to have the opportunity to make the most difference to the world and the lives of everyone in it. 


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Why Wardlaw

Wardlaw's singular purpose is the  Construction of each student's Deep Reading Brain.

This means every lead teacher is trained as a reading teacher, and is supported by additional reading teachers, speech language pathologists and other specialists to ensure every child has the engaged instruction they deserve.

Small, differentiated reading groups are possible because they are taught not only by classroom teachers, but also teachers whose sole responsibility is to teach reading all day long.

And we know reading proficiency is the start, not the end. We want every child to find their voice and to become who they are meant to be.

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