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Unwavering Commitment to the Construction of Deep Reading Brains

Language-Based Curriculum

The Wardlaw School provides a full-day learning experience rooted deeply in language and literacy. Master's level professionals use multi-sensory approaches, data-driven instruction and a unique Integrated Intervention Model© to provide a comprehensive program to fully address each child’s learning needs. Following our Research to Practice model we use evidence-based programs including the Wilson Reading System, Orton-Gillingham, SPIRE, and LiPs. These programs all apply the principles of structured literacy (structured, systematic, explicit, cumulative, intensive, diagnostic). Teachers skillfully implement these specialized techniques using the programs that best meet the needs of each student.

Deep Reading Brain

Reading is not a natural or automatic function of the brain. According to evidence-based research across the sciences of healthy brain development, language acquisition and literacy, circuits specific to reading must be built before a child can learn to read. The Atlanta Speech School's commitment to each child goes well beyond "reading proficiency" to the construction of the Deep Reading Brain -  a more analytic brain that thinks critically and takes the perspective of others while feeling empathy for their plight. A Deep Reading Brain demonstrates personal reflection as it imagines a better choice, a better idea or a better world.  

Students Ready to ExcelOn average, Wardlaw students leave the school within three years, ready for the rigors of  accelerated academic environments as confident, capable learners. By focusing on depth of understanding, critical thinking, executive functioning and other higher-order language abilities, rather than simply overcoming the barriers to decoding language, Wardlaw equips its graduates with the cognitive development necessary to reach their full potential.

Typical School Day

Wardlaw serves students kindergarten through 5th or 6th grade, Monday-Thursday 7:15a.m.-2:45p.m. and Fridays 7:15a.m.-12:45p.m.